We have builds systems, algorithms and products to assist you in achieving your financial goals be it short term or long term.

All our products come with 100% Refund policy, no questions asked.

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Why you should choose PB

A lot of decisions in equity investment is made out of a very strong emotion called “FEAR”.

Fear that you will miss out of the raging bull market, Fear that all your profit will vanish, Fear that after you sell the stock it will recover and make new highs. All this Fears make you Buy, Sell or hold a stock at wrong times.

We believe in systematic data driven approach where any of the human emotions have no bearing on our decisions. Also, our approach may sound unconventional but it makes money. Old adage is buy low and sell higher, but we buy high and sell higher. We have very strong risk management controls and capital protection is at the foremost of our strategies.

Chose PortfolioBuddy to plan your investments as you are not one of the investors who operate from the space of emotions and want to fear one of the best asset class equities.

Choose us to Create Wealth and Abundance in your life.

Benefits you derive with PB

  • Informed decisions
  • Save Time, as you will be required to put only 5 mins per week on your Portfolio
  • Ride the winners
  • Cut the losers
  • Build corpus
  • No need to worry about exits as we take cash calls
  • Add top-up investments at appropriate time

All our products are bases on these rules

Rule 1: Trend is the friend of Investors
Rule 2: Never lose Capital
Rule 3: Don’t forget above 2 rules

Our Products

MM25 – Smallcase

MM25 is our flagship momentum Portfolio which comprises up to 25 stocks across Large, Mid and small cap stocks. The stock selection is based on our proprietary data framework which works on Price Trend, Liquidity, Fundamental and Risk Parameters. As long as the trend is intact, we ride the trend and when there is a reversal we switch to a stronger stock or if there is no opportunity then we take a cash call. The Portfolio Rebalance update is shared on Smallcase on Weekly basis when there are changes.

The Performance for the portfolio can be seen here.

This Portfolio is suitable for value > 5L, its also good for users who want to start with small amount and SIP till they reach the required amount

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